Welcome to RektCity

Welcome to RektCity, a place for degenerates. Join us as we take our place in the crypto world as the Rekt City survivors โ€“ lost moonboys wandering around in their space suits after their rockets failed to take them to the promised land. Join us in our Web3 MMORPG as we trade NFTs and merch, and take the Rekt City chart to incredible new heights!


You've found yourself in a new land. Your journey begins now...

Our community is full of lost moonboys wandering around a metaverse inspired world in their space suits where rockets have failed to take them to the promised land. We're all here for the same reason and we're going to make this the greatest city-scape, game, interactable series and ecosystem that crypto and the world alike has ever laid eyes on.

Rekt City will not be focusing solely on chart only interactions, seen in many other cryptocurrency projects nowadays. Instead Rekt City will be boasting features ranging from the ability to turn a profit passively and/or immediately in a multitude of ways, such as: through original investors options to buy into the chart, being able to have the chance to enter competitions, rewarding the winners, NFT interaction and staking which will award holders on their own terms to maximize their payroll and personally-owned token pool, and many more methods, which can be read about in this whitepaper.

Rekt City will not be your everyday crypto-currency project, rather instead we are building an entire brand. An incredible MMORPG is being created by a team of dedicated game developers looking to push the boundaries of their skill sets to bring you nothing but a fantastic and well thought through experience from start to finish for those who love gaming, alongside making money at the same time.

Other critical attributes to the brand include physical merchandise ranging from clothing, to household furniture. coffee mugs to customized neon lights representing the brand. A comic book series is being designed and published for the paperback lovers of fantasy and a dystopian style original story packed with original art and a storyline to get lost in.


  • 5,000,000 Total Supply
  • Max Txn 1% / Max Bag 2%
  • Buy Tax 5% (3% Marketing/2% LP)
  • Sell Tax 10% (6% Marketing/4% LP)



Rewards will be distributed through multiple facets. Of course our moonboys can expect to earn through competitions and raffles, but they will also be able to interface with Kiosks in the metaverse to earn rewards. Even outside of the metaverse they will be able to earn rewards through our standalone utilities.

Exciting Games

From fighting dangerous assailants in the new land to running into muggers, there will never be a dull moment. There is much to look forward to in this new land between the P2E features our moonboys have come to expect and love, to completely unique games that will be sure to keep you on your toes!

Plans & Marketing

There's no other planet like this, and as such the word will spread quickly about the games and utilities. We are executing on development plans quickly and our marketing team will take this exciting new journey to every corner of the galaxy.

Our Ecosystem

RektCity has revolutionized the world of crypto by introducing the first MMORPG / NFT / merch ecosystem of its kind โ€“ designed to align 100% with investors. This dedication to the investors first will result in more tokenholder rewards, more positive price action, and more total rewards for holders.

With consistent updates and community involvement, our dApp and MMORPG will consist of a virtual platform to our utilities, games, tools, and passive income growers. Armed with our moonboy astronauts, the dApp platform allows holders to use the various tools and in-world Kiosks view rewards generated in real-time. This is just the beginning, we have only scratched the surface of the plan for RektCity!

Our team is dedicated, hardworking, and together a perfect mix of brains and stamina. Our community is well-aware of our ability to deliver new floors and accomplish all our goals.


Where we're headed...

  • Exchange/swap listings
  • Rekt Ones NFTs
  • Merch store goes live
  • MMORPG demo release
  • CG and CMC
  • More partnerships
  • Marketing kicks in heavy

Secure your positions now. While some of you have been sleeping on Rekt City, we have been building a lot. Get ready for the next phase of Rekt City. We're going BIG. Huge few weeks ahead its going to be the craziest ride from now until the end of the year๐Ÿ‘€ Dont get me started on whats coming after ๐Ÿš€

Some stuff has already began to kick off and has been implemented letโ€™s push!